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Last updated 31 – 08 – 2023

Now we are approaching the second half of the calendar you may have noticed gaps in July and August this is due to the fact it is a popular time for holidays and number attending are generally down so not wishing to push one’s luck have the next two months off. The present formula seems to be working but if anyone has a suggestion about change of time or even the day or better still a suggestion of a speaker that I can contact to give us a talk.

September 2023

So we start with our own Peter North a long time member of the motive power section and loco owner if my memory serves me correctly. After a long career in the army in various postings including overseas Peter finds himself at Arborfield teaching apprentices about aircraft maintenance he eventually found himself as a civilian doing the same role so come along and find out some more about an interesting career    September 15th 20.00 hrs

October 2023

John Oblein  After a long and varied career as a police officer in various roles but always having an interest in science and photography he applied to become a SOCO (scenes of crime officer) he did this for 16years until management interfered and made it a staff role he then returned to a uniformed role until retirement in 2003. John carried on in an administration role at Sulhamstead  (TVP Training College) he retired in 2019 and now volunteers in the museum and gives talks about being a SOCO. November 17th 20.00 hrs

November 2023

Cliff Perry who has had a long and varied career in the rail industry as an engineer will be pleased to elaborate on some of the highs and lows of his career we had a real interesting chat on the phone all about a misinterpretation on a drawing that led to a component being case hardened instead of just rounded  and also about the tube type stock that stopped when it suspected a malfunction  as all the passengers got off at the same time and upset its equilibrium. It just  goes to show that you need a thorough test programme before properly going into service October 20th  20.00 hrs

December 2023

Hopefully we can have a gathering with some nibbles just to get in the mood for the oncoming festivities date TBA

Hopefully you will find something above to interest you it is not all railway orientated in fact it would be great to have some practical suggestions as to who I could contact to give us a talk. So far next year we have David Canning a retired signalman and keen photographer is talking about the Berks and Hants line and Ron Vale with some more of his wanderings it would be great to have some helpful suggestions.   



A train rumbles along the 0 Gauge layout at Pinewood Leisure Centre.


Sir Nigel Gresley - A4


From Bracknell