Amen Corner station proposals

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The current proposals to build a station at Amen Corner are not new; in July 1910 a Mr F Staniland of Wokingham sent a petition to the LSWR Traffic Committee for a Halt at the crossing, but this was declined.

The plans for an industrial area at Amen Corner are also nothing new, there was a large brickworks complex north of the railway until the 1960’s.

Proposals for a goods siding at Amen Corner were much earlier, the first request was in 1872, but this was refused. In 1877 a public goods siding was also refused, and the siding was not installed until 1881, when Thomas Lawrence opened his brickfield there. It was a public siding, eg Lawrence did not have exclusive use and other traders could use it. In March 1882 a cottage and goods shed were requested, but although the cottage was built – and survived until 1985 – the goods shed was not proceeded with.

Written by Mick Hudson for Bracknell Railway Society Newsletter 9 August 1996

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